Alternative Investments Emerge as Appealing Investment Options

Over the last two decades, investors have experienced repeated disappointment in the stock, bond, real estate and gold markets. This has created an opportunity for alternative investment strategies to emerge as the “white knight,” eager and able to “save the day.” Although many options are regarded as unconventional and nontraditional, over the last decade a majority have proven to be both dependable and extremely profitable.

risk return different asset classesLeading the way among the increasing number of alternatives is shipping container investments. Since the markets’ value dropped significantly in 2008-2009, a growing number of investors have shifted their traditional holdings to appealing investment options like shipping containers, to help them avoid unnecessary risk and earn a consistent investment income. In seeking-out industries and sectors which demonstrated their resilience through the global financial crisis, like the global container shipping industry, the investment community has become more confident in the fact that they are independently able to eliminate risking holdings from their portfolio; and instead choose to replace them with less risky alternatives.

Riding on the back of the international shipping industry’s wave of prosperity, which began in mid-2013, global consumer consumption is rising and the demand for shipping containers is increasing alongside. This has presented opportunities for international investors to invest in shipping containers and profit from global growth and economic prosperity. The most appealing aspect to investors is, as long as the world economy continues to grow, the profits for investors will grow as well.

Looking ahead to the next few years, shipping industry leaders have laid the groundwork and made the investments necessary to ensure a long and prosperous economic future. From the purchase of Utra-Large Container Ships, like the Maersk Line Triple-E fleet, to worldwide shipping port and infrastructure investments, the Panama Canal expansion project and strategic container shipping partnerships like the P3 alliance; the international shipping industry is well-prepared for a global economic boom. When compared to other industries and sectors, this commitment has created appealing investment options for investors, that offer them a clear alternative to poorly performing markets and increasingly risky holdings.

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