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Economic Growth Increases Demand For Shipping Containers

put investment money in shipping containers not mattressAs the stock market continues to have investors holding their breath, profits and consistent investment returns can still come from many different, less dour sources, like an investment in the global shipping industry; for example.  In my experience, every time economic growth increases, the demand for shipping containers rises alongside.  Investors must understand that when signals in the traditional markets turn dim, there is likely some underlying reasons for fluctuations.  Often, it may be climate related, labor management difficulties, litigation that removes focus from a company’s business goals, turnover on a Board of Directors; and a myriad other reasons. Sadly, the international shipping industry is a sector that is often overlooked, despite the fact that it is the main driving force behind worldwide economic growth and continued prosperity.

Coming as a surprise to some, shipping containers are one such investment vehicle found in the shipping industry that can offer steady returns for investors, even if only a small portion of the overall portfolio is dedicated to hard assets and alternative investments.  Wise investors know that shipping container demand is closely tied to gross domestic production (GDP) and thus the increase in demand for consumer and industrial goods triggers the inherent need for moving goods to market, from manufacturer to customer, by way of a well-established and dependable worldwide container shipping system. When imports or exports rise, this is an indication of improved economic activity. At the moment, demand for goods from Asia and the Mid-East has been increasing in Europe and the United States, signalling a steadily improving international economy.

People have a preconceived notion that shipping containers come in one or two sizes, along with a tanker car. That could not be further from the truth.  The different types of containers and the means to transport them are sundry, and some come in multiple sizes.  Nowadays, there is a container for (practically) every need. Shipping containers of one type can be used for durable goods, while another may be for textiles and soft goods.  Automobiles have specific container requirements, as do coffee beans and perishables. Regardless of their cargo though, an investment in shipping containers will allow investors to profit from world trade, and economic growth all over the world.

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