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Investors Will See Benefits of Investing in Emerging Markets

Despite the ongoing economic and financial woes in much of the developed world, particularly in the United States and parts of Europe, the global economy demonstrated strong growth in 2013. For the most part, this can be attributed to the healthy contributions of emerging markets in the East and South. Countries such as China, India, Russia, Brazil and parts of Africa, have seen their prosperity levels rise steadily of the course of the last twenty years, thereby increasing their domestic consumer base and making opportunities in these regions much more appealing to investors.

Some industry analysts estimate that by 2014, emerging markets will represent almost fifty percent of the value of the world’s economy and that percentage is expected to increase and eventually dominate, in the next few years. When considering that the total number of people living in these emerging markets represent half of the world’s population, a shift in the balance of global economic wealth is seen as inevitable and provides private investors with an easy way to invest in global trade and capitalize on the increasing prosperity in their own backyard, as well as other parts of the world.

Fueled by the rise of wealth and prosperity in emerging markets, there are some industry experts that believe the global economy could double by the year 2020 and possibly double again by 2030. Thankfully, the international shipping industry has been preparing for a huge increase in the global demand for consumer goods and have been making wise investments in shipping facilities and vessels. All over the world, shipping ports are being upgraded and modernized to accommodate the new massive container ships like Maersk’s Triple E fleet, that are well prepared to feed the world’s steady economic growth and cut operational costs; as well.

You can be certain that these widespread shipping industry investments, especially those made in emerging markets, will contribute to improving the economic outlook all over the world and place these once-struggling regions in a much stronger position; to compete with the established and developed nations. As a result of this steady rise in prosperity, it can be expected that investors will soon discover the benefits and advantages of investing in the new opportunities that are presenting themselves in the world’s emerging markets, and make investments that will profit from their consistent growth and development.

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