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Research is The Secret to Making Successful Investing Decisions

Every investor wishes that there was a secret formula for investing success. The truth be told, there really is. Its called doing exhaustive research. The fact of the matter is, taking the time to conduct the proper investment research encourages investors to make an educated decision, as to whether or not to make an investment in an endeavor. Not only will collecting detailed information uncover any hidden risks or rewards, it provides investors with the confidence to pursue investment opportunities, with the assurance that they know all the facts. To me, that is the secret formula to making a successful investment decision.

As you can well imagine, reading investor reviews and carefully collecting and analyzing information about a number of investing options is time consuming and can sometimes become overwhelming. As such, it is very important that investors make a short-list (but detailed) of viable opportunities, that can be easily managed and thoroughly researched. The contents of the short-list should contain a few investments that are well within the investor’s comfort zone, especially with regards to investment amounts, investing timeline, expected returns and (of course) any associated risks that could be encountered. At this point, the goal is to eliminate the obvious poor choices and uncover the most appealing investment options.

Nowadays, most investors’ research begins on the Internet and more than likely with a Google search. This initial investigation is often followed by a careful look through leading social media channels, like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to using this method of researching, investors must exercise their own judgement, discretion and intuition, and determine for themselves what should be accepted as fact. Albeit this is a great way to determine the bottom line about investments, the information that is available in Internet communities and sometimes relied upon as fact, is often unsubstantiated and thus (in some instances); not as credible as one would expect it to be. Whether it be blog entries, community or social media posts, there is some advice given on the Internet that is riskier than any of the investment options; found on an investor’s short list. On the other hand, there is a great deal of meaningful and credible information from established and renowned experts, as well as investor reviews and testimonials; that can prove to be invaluable when trying to reach a decision.

Ideally, the best way to learn the truth about investments is to contact other investors directly, and talk to people who have had first-hand experience with the offering. However, because many members of the investment community are apprehensive about divulging the contents of their investing portfolio, this method of collecting information can sometimes make it difficult to set the record straight. With that being said, investment seekers can still access investor reviews and testimonials, to gain valuable insight into the true performance of their short-list of options. In the end, investors are just trying to get through the sales-pitch and move ahead to profits.

To suggest that conducting proper research is the secret to making successful investments may seem unbelievable to some, while others recognize the value in collecting and analyzing information and opinions, to ultimately reach an educated decision. Without a doubt, investment providers can be relied upon to provide favorable facts and figures, that will give investors a reason to invest. The investment community on the other hand, can be relied upon to give investors a reason to believe investment providers … or not.

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