Questions About Container Investing

What is the value of a shipping container?

Shipping containers are a hard asset, with a value that rises as demand increases. At the moment, an investment of USD$4100.00 purchases one (1) Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) from Pacific Tycoon.

How do container owners earn steady income from shipping containers?

An investor’s shipping containers are immediately added to Pacific Tycoon’s existing fleet and deployed to prospering regions and emerging markets. These hard assets begin generating a consistent return for investors, right away.

Why is Pacific Tycoon’s head office in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is located in close proximity to many of the most appealing emerging and prospering markets in Asia. This allows Pacific Tycoon’s staff to closely monitor, identify and immediately act upon the Asian markets with the greatest income potential and likelihood for long-term deployment.

What about improvements in shipping container lease rates?

It is no secret that, over the last few years, container lease rates have been historically low. Albeit it a challenge for shipping lines looking to increase profits, it has done nothing to curb the demand for shipping containers. In fact, Maersk projects that container demand will increase in 2014, by as much as 5 percent. Moreover, the industry leader said that a rise in shipping rates, like the one initiated in January 2013, is a “distinct possibility.”

How easy is it for investors to sell a used shipping container?

Investors who invest in shipping containers are able to sell their containers at any time, with the security of an exit strategy that guards investment capital, the entire length of the investment.

What is the outlook for the global shipping industry?

Although there has been some concerns of overcapacity, the number of ships in service do not dictate the number of shipping containers needed. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Thus, it is clear that overcapacity will not affect investment returns or container demand.

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