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A.P. Møller-Maersk

Company Name: A.P. Møller-Maersk

Head Office: Copenhagen

Founded: 1904

Revenue: DKK 322.52 Billion/ $55.26 Billion

Employees: 89,000 worldwide

Stock Market: Stock Ticker: MAERSKb.CO. The stock is currently listed at 12,410 DKK (October 2014).

Summary:  Maersk Line is the largest container shipping company in the world with a 15.2% share of the market. Their new Triple E class ships are the largest 8 ships in the world with a capacity of 18,000 containers each.

Ship Capacity: The Company has over 600 vessels and 4.1 Million Twenty Foot Units (TEU). To put this in perspective, if Maersk was to put all of their containers in a line it could reach around almost half the circumference of the Earth. Their order book for new ships as of 2010 totaled 857,000 TEU, which was more than the fourth largest container shipping company, Evergreen Line.

Main Trade Routes: Maersk has ships on every trade line in the world, including South America, Africa, Asia-Europe, Europe-America, and many of the other major trade routes around the world.

As the largest company in the world, they are involved in almost every major trade route.

Memberships/Alliances: Transpacific Stabilization Agreement, 2M Partnership with MSC.

The 2M alliance gives Maersk Line and MSC a 30 percent share of the entire container shipping industry.

Claim to fame: they are the largest container ship company in the world, and (for the time being) have the 8 largest ships in the world (Triple E class). Maersk just ordered 10 more of the 400-meter ships for the next few years.

Maersk Summary:

Maersk is well-positioned over the next few years to continue to grow as the shipping industry continues to consolidate with alliances and mergers.