evergreen marine container shipping

Evergreen Marine Corporation

Head Office: Luzhou, Taiwan

Founded: 1968

Revenue: NTD 137.93 Billion (2013)/ $4.5 Billion

Employees:  3,389

Stock Market: Taiwan Stock Exchange (TPE)

Summary:  Evergreen Marine Corp. is the 4th largest container shipping company. They are a Conglomerate that grew through strategic acquisitions over the years, including Uniglory Marine Corp (1984), Hatsu Marine Ltd.(2002), and Italia Marittima (1993).

Evergreen Marine’s fleet of ships are part of the Ever class (Ever Spring, Ever Ultra, Ever Dainty, Ever Lasting, etc.).

Ship Capacity: Evergreen has 190 container ships with over 850,000 TEU. Their largest ship is the Panamax LT Cortesia with a capacity of over 8,100 TEU. They are in the process of scrapping old ships, and replacing them with new crew.

Main Trade Routes: They have 240 ports world in 80 countries. Their trade routes extend from the Far east to N. America, Central America, and Caribbean (busiest route); Far East to northern Europe and east Mediterranean; Europe to North American east coast; Far East to Australia, Mauritius, south Africa, and south America; and finally intra-Asia service.

Memberships/Alliances: Evergreen Marine is part of the CKYH container shipping alliance. The alliance includes Taiwan’s Yang Ming Marine, Chinas’ Ocean Shipping Group of China, Japan’s Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, and Hanjin Shipping Co. of South Korea.

Claim to fame: The vast majority of Evergreen shipping containers are painted green with the word “Evergreen” in white letters. This makes their containers stick out from the competitors.

Final Thoughts

Evergreen is the fourth largest container shipping company in the world, and the largest in Taiwan. Their presence in Asia, while the rest of their competitors are from Europe, give them an advantage for the future where China and the East global economy continue to rise.